Baby Steps :: My First Vendor Show

Posted by Katie Stevens on

It finally happened. I participated in my first vendor show. Back at the end of January a local shop which I love, had it's first vendor show. It was really a great opportunity to step into the world of selling in person, slowly. 

I was fortunate enough that my in-laws were visiting and took the crew for me since it was the Hubs Saturday to work. This freed up my mom to help me set up and grab any last minute things I realized I was missing... like a chair ::face palm::

Like I said, it was the hosts first vendor show and they are still a relatively new shop, and we are in a small town, so the traffic was minimal. It was steady but minimal. I did however, sell some things so it was a great experience with a little return. And honestly, I wasn't expecting to sell anything, I was just happy to be there. 

mad creative co. vendor set up

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mad creative co vendor set up 2

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