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I have always loved the creative side of life. I almost got my undergraduate degree in graphic design, but I felt a calling to human development and child/family advocacy. For many years I have worked in an office, working daily in excel, writing countless emails, crunching numbers, fixing copy machines, you name it I pretty much did it. Oh yea, don't forget assembling office furniture too. I have always been a jack of all trades type of person. 

A few years back I gained the added title of 'beautifier'. I was always given raw data and documentation and asked to organize it and make it prettier to look at. I loved doing this, I still do as I am often asked to this in my current job. Often I was creating my own images for powerpoints, newsletters and printouts. It became such a release from my almost mundane day to day tasks. 

I found a home in my creative side. And in an attempt of saving my kiddos from taking over every project they brought home, I created Mad Creative Co.

The name? Well our oldest is named Maddox, aka Mad Max, aka Mad Man. I liked the play on words of Mad in it's traditional meaning and it's more slag meaning of "very good". So that's how Mad Creative Co. came to be. 

I am fortunate enough to have the most supportive husband and family unit. I am able to take the time to work on my projects, spend funds on creating new things, have help watching the kiddos while I set up a booth at a local vendor show and even while I teach workshops both at local businesses and in home. 

I love this and am so happy to be here doing what I love. 


<3 stay mad

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