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Close to this time last year, I attended an awesome DIY workshop with my mama blogging friends at the Columbia SC Mom's Blog to welcome a new local shop AR Workshop Lexington to the area. To say we had a blast would be an understatement. But I digress. On the back of the piece I was creating, I wrote my name in my 'fancy writing' as my oldest calls it, since I wanted the piece to look nice. And because, why not. 

Well Ashley, the owner saw it and it became the start of a great relationship. Since that day, I have taught two classes at her Lexington location and now as they gear up for their grand opening on Thursday at their Columbia location, I am ready to teach another class on the 18th.



Not to mention I now am able to put my hands on the staple AR Workshop calendar and spend several uninterrupted early hours every month being creative and putting their monthly calendar on the wall! Check out my first go!



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